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Use The Right Acrylic Cleaner To Keep Your Signage Beautiful. So Easy!

Cleaning Plexiglas and acrylic may seem to be a very simple task, but there are a few important things to keep in mind to ensure the surface is protected from damage and stays shiny and clear. Poor cleaning practices can result in the acrylic becoming cloudy and scratched making it visually unappealing.

Using the following steps and tips, you will be sure to prevent any damage to your acrylic surfaces:

Step 1

Lightly blow or wipe the dirt off the surface as much as possible with a wet cloth.

A dry cloth will press the unwanted particles into the surface whereas a wet cloth will float the dirt away with minimal pressure towards the surface.

Step 2

Use a wet microfiber cloth or a polishing cloth and acrylic cleaner (pictured above) and lightly wipe the surface until it is clear of dust or dirt. A light mixture of mild dish soap and water, or hot water and regular white vinegar can also be used.

Never clean acrylic or Plexiglas surfaces with any cleaning solution that has ammonia in it (i.e. glass cleaners). The chemical makeup of ammonia is very harsh and will react with the surface, causing scratches and etching that will be extremely difficult to remove.

Step 3

To dry, lightly blot the surface with a soft clean microfiber cloth.  Avoid applying too much pressure on the surface.

Paper towel should not be used to dry these surfaces as it is a rougher material and can mark up the surface.


With these best practices in mind, you can safely clean and maintain your acrylic without the fear of damaging or degrading its appearance.

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