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The Cost of Poor Quality

All too often we experience this endless struggle of choosing between the cost of a product and its genuine value or quality. Cutting costs and saving a few bucks on a product seems so attractive, however, facts are facts and it must be said: Compromising quality for cost is going to work against you in the long-run, and likely will end up costing you more than if you had opted for high-quality in the first place.

These pictures are a perfect example of this. On the left is a cheaper product that was purchased to hold large panels on the outside of a public building. After just one year of these being installed, the quality (or rather the lack thereof) was evident. Extreme weather conditions that are native to most of Canada caused the product to corrode, leaving rust streaks on the signs and the hardware looking like this.







We were brought on board to fix this issue properly. The product on the right is a custom standoff we created to exactly match the dimensions of the existing one, but used quality aluminum with exterior grade anodizing, resulting in a standoff that not only looks great, but is guaranteed to look just as great and maintain its durability for years down the road.

Here at Hang It Up Systems, we always strive for the highest quality using industry standard, certified materials to produce our products while keeping the cost at a good value. If you have specific quality requirements, we want to know! We guarantee to guide you to the best solution, every time.