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Exploring Our Hook Options For Flexible Cords

Zipper Hook

Weight Rating: 15kg/33lbs on Perlon Cord, 20kg/44lbs on Steel Cable

Our most popular hook in this range, the zipper hook is sleek and simple to use. Push the lever on the side, thread the cord or cable through the hole in the middle and glide it effortlessly to your desired position! Once the lever is released, the hook will lock itself on the cord securely.


Zipper Pro Hook

Weight Rating: 15kg/33lbs on Perlon Cord, 20kg/44lbs on Steel Cable

This hook is exactly like the zipper hook, with one exception. It has a spring-locking mechanism over the actual hook portion, providing what we like to call a ‘theft delay feature’. It won’t completely prevent somebody from picking the artwork from the hook, but it will slow them down. Other scenarios this hook is great for, is if you are using it in an area with high traffic where there is a possibility of someone accidentally bumping against the artwork, or in an area where children or pets are likely to be jumping around. This hook gives you that extra bit of security on top of all the other great features of the zipper hook.


SmartSpring Hook

Weight Rating: 4kg/9lbs on Perlon Cord

This hook is our lightest duty and smallest hook. It strictly uses the spring force of the metal to grip onto the cord, which is why it can only be used on the perlon cord. The metal needs to ‘bite’ into the nylon cord, which is something it cannot do on the steel cable. The SmartSpring hook is perfect for smaller pictures that you won’t be moving around often, as the hook tends to chew up the cord if it is moved up and down frequently.


Fun Fact: The weight ratings for these hooks are per hook. This means, for example, if you have a picture that is heavier than 44lbs, you can use 2 of the zipper hooks on steel cables to enable you a combined weight capacity of 88lbs to hang your artwork!