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Create A Great Impression By Adding Standoffs To Your Signage

Why should you use Standoffs for your signage?

Here are just a few reasons:

Create a visually appealing display

If you want to make an impression with your signage, standoffs are a simple way to add something extra that takes your signage from ho-hum to fabulous. They can take bland and boring signage to a whole new level. If you have multiple pieces, how about using different sizes to create depth and interest?

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No ugly fasteners

The base is secured to the wall (or another substrate) with a screw. This means your fasteners are hidden inside. Next, the cap is inserted through the face of your acrylic or glass and threaded onto the base. All you see from the front is the cap, and from the side you will see the base.


If you are concerned about making sure that your sign or display is secure, you have the option to tighten down the cap of the standoff with a hex key. Just insert it into the little hole on the cap, and tighten it up!


Easily change your graphics without blowing the budget

Because there are no tools needed, this means if you need to change out your graphics often it’s no hassle! Just unscrew the caps, take off the old graphic, replace with the new graphic. How easy is that?

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