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Author: Lenore

New! 150cm/59″ Length Rails Now Available

A shorter rail length is now available for some of our most popular picture hanging systems. These rails are also available for sale online, included with the necessary installation hardware. Check them out here! The Systems Included: Clip-rail in White and Silver Mini-rail in White and Silver Clip-rail Max in White and Silver Clip-rail Pro in White and Silver...

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The Cost of Poor Quality

All too often we experience this endless struggle of choosing between the cost of a product and its genuine value or quality. Cutting costs and saving a few bucks on a product seems so attractive, however, facts are facts and it must be said: Compromising quality for cost is going to work against you in the long-run, and likely will end up costing you more than if you had opted for high-quality in the first place. These pictures are a perfect example of this. On the left is a cheaper product that was purchased to hold large panels on...

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Your Display, Your Way!

Did you know, we also do completely customizable projects? One of our favourites is display cases. There are endless ways to customize them, which makes these projects so exciting for us and our clients. We take your ideas, your designs and bring them to life. There are a variety of different needs when it comes to the type of object being displayed and how to display them. The display case shown in the picture below was a thinner wall model used to display papers, news clippings and photographs. For showing off larger objects like trophies, go with a wall...

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Some Exciting Changes are Brewing!

We have some wonderful changes in the works and wanted to give you a heads-up! Firstly(and you may have noticed this already), our blog is on a different platform  and has a new look. The content and purpose is the same, just updated to look and function better. Second, we are tweaking the website to make it more user friendly and easier to find and order the right products. We know there is nothing more frustrating than a website that does more hindering than helping, and we are dedicated to making it a useful tool. And an even bigger...

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Standoff Add-On Feature: Panel Connectors

A very simple, yet highly functional product guaranteed to help you create remarkable displays! Today on the blog we are featuring a standoff add-on product: our multi-panel connectors. These connectors work on our 3/4″ and 1 1/4″ diameter standoffs. This eliminates the need for custom ($$$$$) hardware to display your artwork or signage in this manner.       We have two styles and sizes to best suit your display specifications. We have 4-way and 2-way connectors in both 3/4″ (18.5mm) and 1 1/4″ (30mm) diameters. Each of them are about 4mm thick and can hold panels 4mm-12mm thick securely.   Using standoffs...

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