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About Hang it Up

Experienced Professionals who Strive for Excellence
Operating from our headquarters in Toronto, Ontario we are well-equipped to handle your requirements smoothly and efficiently. Because we are family owned and operated, we can accomplish this without sacrificing the value of personal service.

One of our great strengths is our ability to easily adapt to any design concept, and custom requirements can be considered. We have a vast bank of knowledge at our disposal and our design team will use their experience to come up with the most creative proposals for your project.

We look forward to being of service.

Systems Designed for You

Our products are designed to seamlessly integrate into your overall design. Hang It Up focuses on three main systems:

VUE Systems is a unique line of picture hanging systems designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are hanging works of art, framed photographs or unusual or heavy media, VUE Systems will exceed your expectations. Browse our catalogue and discover the exciting opportunities available from VUE Systems!>>

Welcome to the SHO Components product line. SHO Components are an extensive range of Signage, Cable, Rod, and Acrylic components that offer you flexibility and durability and are user friendly. Our clients love using SHO Components because of the wide array of available configurations and the ability to create with minimal restrictions.

SHO Components are not limited to the products displayed online. Customization and flexibility are the true value propositions when choosing SHO.

Let SHO make your vision a reality. Browse our product catalogue to learn more about SHO Components.>>

Shelving redefined. No longer is the shelf merely a platform for the display of art and objects. Each sleek recyclable aluminum shelf pivots with a smooth drop-resisted movement to reveal its underside, featuring interchangeable, customizable artwork. The modular design allows an interactive display of two-dimensional art and three-dimensional objects on any wall space, in any configuration. 

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